Manager point of view
Manager point of view (icon)

It’s a good choice because it’s a strategic choice.

Manager success keys

Part of the Intel’s enterprise solution

This solution is based on Intel XDK. This product is a part of professional services provided by Intel:

In the last years, Intel has acquired great companies like:

Intel develop professional softwares for enterprises, like the Intel’s distribution of Apache Hadoop for his Big Data solution.

Microsoft C# everywhere

Microsoft .Net C# expertise is the key of your success, for all your projects:

  • Mobile Cross-platform  hybrid apps development: XmaDevLab (with SharpKit compiler)
  • Html5/JavaScript development: SharpKit compiler with JS->C# library bindings
  • Big Data projects: for example, Hadoop
  • Server development: Microsoft ASP.Net, Mono (or JavaScript server like Node.Js)
  • Mobile native apps, for specifics projects: Xamarin solution

Microsoft Visual Studio is one of the best tools for the developers: a very efficient tool.

And Microsoft provides a lot of enterprise solutions.

Compatible with all modern platforms, included Tizen

With XmaDevLab you can reach the users of all modern platforms with the use of Htlm5. In addition, this solution build hybrid native apps for the main platforms of the market.

And Intel XDK (therefore XmaDevLab) is also compatible with Tizen, a new opensource operating system, very promising:

So, let’s go! Be one of the first enterprise in the Tizen world!

Web Designer for the design

An another advantage for this solution: the UI of the cross-platform can be created by a web designer.

A web designer will use App Designer of Intel XDK, but he can use also his favorite web design tool.